Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Eve Is Easy

My corpmate Suitonia has recently revived the EveIsEasy project.  This project is a series of youtube video guides to various eve techniques.  There are several older videos - balance changes since then have made some of the details outdated, but the basic ideas are still good.  Suitonia is producing new video guides.  You can find him in the same channel as me, Genos Public.

The eveiseasy archive is located at

The older videos are mostly from Garmon, Duncan Tanner and Willl Adama, some of the best pilots and video makers in eve online.  A few of their videos are below.  Higher resolution downloads are linked to in the video descriptions, but they can be quite large.

Garmonation 9 -
Ishtar Part 2 - <- This video starts off with my favorite sequence in any eve online video.
Deimos 2-
Garmonation 8 Part 1 -

In a future post I will link to some more modern eve footage.

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