Friday, May 16, 2014


Welcome to plowshares to lasers.  The blog is intended to be mainly educational, about Eve Online PVP, and fitting your ship for PVP.  A lot of the material will cater to newer players, some will be for more experienced players. 

Who am I?
My in game name in Michael Harari.  I am a nomadic pilot, and flit around and fight with different groups of people.  The large majority of my pvp is in small 1-6 man gangs, with occasional larger fights.  Feel free to convo me.  If I ignore you, I am probably either afk, or in the middle of a fight.  To find me, join my corp's public channel Genos Public

First, for new players: Go download evemon, and either eve fitting tool (eft) or python fitting assistant (pyfa).  Evemon lets you view your character and things out of game and lets you make long term skill plans.  Eft and pyfa are programs that let you look at the stats of ships and items, and make fits out of them.  Especially important for new players is putting your API into the fitting programs - it does you no good to buy everything you need for a particular fit only to find out afterwards that you cant use a certain item, or you dont have enough powergrid!

Ill start this blog by going over some fits for brand new players.  They take a few hours to train up the skills for.

Eft: (Note, new versions will have different links)
Eve API:

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