Friday, June 27, 2014

Blog Banter: Understanding how to fit

Kirith Kodachi asks the following question:  What can be done to help players with bad fits?

This entire blog is an attempt to help people have good fits, and good tactics.  The main problem is that as a sandbox game, eve has no way to tell people they are doing it wrong.  There is nowhere in game where players are told "50mm plates are garbage, never fit them."  Deciding they are wrong to fit requires thought and experience.  Tiericide has done a lot for thoughtless fitting of hulls - it has removed a lot of the noob traps, like the atron (pre-tiericide its entire pg was taken up by a shield extender) or the slasher (which was a rifter with only 2 mids, 2 lows, 2 guns and less fitting), but that doesn't remove the requirement to design a fit with good fundamentals.

The most important part of fitting a ship is the goal.  Every fit needs a purpose - if you want your sacrilege to be the best it can be for pvp, then you need to have proper fitting for it, including proper ammo.  If you want it to make people smile, then maybe you can go ahead with festival launchers and small ancillary shield boosters.  Fitting a hauler for afk hauling is different from fitting it for active hauling, which is different from fitting it as bait.  Ships are tools, and tools need a purpose.  Don't try to cut with a hammer.

Sorry for the extended absence, I have been busy moving and getting ready for a new job.  Posts may be a bit more scarce as I work my legal limit of 80 hours/week + study and prep time, but I will do my best.

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